A modular data center is built off-site to your specifications and shipped to your location.



  • Faster deployment – Typical expansion efforts can now take weeks to complete, rather than the months or even years associated with traditional construction.
  • Scale capacity as needed – Additional capacity can be added in 16 cabinet increments.
  • Save valuable space – Traditionally, data centers have been located within the facility, consuming your potential revenue-producing or staff space. Locating the data center in a separate module also allows you complete control of the security, reliability and management of your core infrastructure.



Prime Logic Partners has teamed with Skanska USA ( to deliver their modular data center solutions. Skanska is one of the top five construction firms in the world and has deep experience designing and building some of the largest data centers in the world.  Skanska’s solutions focus on lowering the total costs of ownership for its data center clients. We have incorporated this unique knowledge into a modular data center designed specifically for the healthcare and financial services industries.



Some of the features this partnership makes possible are:

  • Customer-specified power and rack capacities (16-cabinet increments).
  • Critical infrastructure (Generator, UPS, HVAC) can use existing facility infrastructure if capacity is available or can be provided with the module.
  • Guaranteed power usage effectiveness (PUE’s as low as 1.15).
  • Uses 75% less water than air-cooled or traditional chiller plants.
  • Allows an increase in density over time without increasing the footprint.
  • Just-in-time capacity allows for capital/operating expenditures when needed.
  • Automatically adjusts to dynamic IT loads.
  • Aggressive lease options are available.