Cloud solutions allow you to increase compute and storage on demand without investing in new infrastructure, staff and facilities. Cloud offerings include:

  • Private cloud – Infrastructure and management are self-provided.
  • Hybrid cloud – Infrastructure and management are provided by a supplier. This solution is for healthcare organizations only.
  • Public cloud – Information and management are provided by a supplier. There is no vertical customer target.



  • IT infrastructure is located at supplier’s location, freeing up customer data center for other purposes
  • Lower capital expenditure
  • Reduced staff requirements to manage infrastructure
  • Capacity on demand when required



  • Infrastructure can be provisioned quickly
  • Allows the IT organization to focus on strategic objectives



Our cloud services include:

  • Identifying the best cloud solution (private, hybrid, public)
  • Preparing requests for information and proposal documents
  • Assisting in the selection of a cloud partner